Building a Part-Time Business Online Business From Home: Why a 70% Failure Rate?

You may have heard that only about 5% of network marketers in any industry will succeed in their business, and about only 30% of online entrepreneurs become successful. Given these statistics, along with idea that MOST successful network marketers started their business really CRUSHING IT… working 12 to 18 hour days…


If you’re looking into building a business online from home, there are first a few things you need to be aware of…

Don’t count on the three people you recruit to get their three and those just magically send more money passed up to you!

The people who have made it successful in this business actually go forward with the attitude that they expect NOBODY to succeed in working the business.

And, if you’re worried about asking people to buy into your opportunity because you’re afraid they might be “wasting their money”, you just have to let it go.

Personally, I believe that ANYONE CAN MAKE it, if they just try. But you’d really be SURPRISED just how many people WON’T EVEN TRY!

You can’t make them. All you can do is give them the opportunity and point them in the right direction.

This is NOT to say that I advocate in any way leaving someone high and dry. Actually, this is the beauty of online marketing. Now, for the FIRST TIME EVER, you don’t have to be an expert to become successful in your part-time online business.

There are teams of professional entrepreneurs ready and willing to help you… so all your sponsor need do “hook you up” with the team. The helpful Facebook groups today are available to answer questions 24/7, and most teams conduct weekly “hangouts” where all you need do is watch, learn and implement.

Why then do people just CHOOSE to not even try?

Some of my downline won’t even do as much as plug into the Facebook group – even after I’ve sent them a screen capture of all the team members welcoming them into the group!

Actually, I think it boils down to two things: Fear of failure, and fear of success.
Of, of course, they’ll tell you it’s something else… They were swamped at their job and came home with no energy… or they just don’t have the money to invest in marketing… or maybe they just KNOW A BETTER WAY, and refuse to listen to the millionaires on the team hangouts giving advice!

And, I was guilty of making these excuses. But once I started being honest with myself, I realized I was coming from a “scarcity” mindset… I was actually subconsciously PUSHING PEOPLE AWAY from my business because I didn’t want them to waste their money!

People who have become successful with the field of part-time business online realize that being cheap with yourself will keep you broke. And, what’s more, having that same cheap mindset for others will keep them broke! You’re not doing anyone any favors by telling them to not invest in their business.

The idea of how to become a successful entrepreneur in a PART TIME business from home begins with being willing to “waste” a little money. If you notice, the successful entrepreneurs around you have all “wasted” their money as they grow their business.

But the difference is they don’t look at it that way.

In their words, they “invested in their education” by learning what kind of marketing works, and what kind doesn’t work.

Here’s the thing: You can probably make it as a successful entrepreneur in a part- time business opportunity of you invest ALL YOUR TIME – really crushing it – like the old-time network marketers did…

OR, you can actually become successful PART TIME ONLINE by investing your money.

I never used to be an advocate of paid marketing… because I just “couldn’t afford” to waste any money. But now I’m realizing the truth…

… If I’m continuing to work a 40 hour a week job and only have two hours a day to devote to my business, I just can’t afford NOT to take a portion of money and devote it to marketing.

Business Online Automation

The exponential growth of online business has created huge opportunities for millions of people who would love to work from the convenience of their own home as well as to compete globally.

I used to be someone like many of you who is working for someone else to earn a living. I have been away for 23 years from my family working abroad and dreaming to quit my job someday to run my own business and be my own boss.

Each of us has different priority lists in life. For me and to most of you, money is the number one priority on the lists as well as to have a work-life balance to enjoy life. People define success differently. To some, success is when you reach the highest position in the corporate world as the CEO of the company, to some success is when you get a passing mark in your examination or success is when you reach your target sales quota or it could be something that makes you feel happy from the inside when you do something for others. Success can be defined in so many ways.

I used to be an expat executive until May 2 of 2012 when I started to divert my own belief to get engage with my own goal directly. I quit my job and started to find my own path in building my own business from home.

Automation is not something new to online business entrepreneurs. Business online automation is a business operation necessity that you can’t afford to ignore.

There are few good examples to bring your business with automation. You can simply take payments online, you can build your own business mailing list, you can create a sequential auto responder follow up messages for you to build the know, like and trust.

Making money online or working from home is quite popular these days. You will see tons of opportunities, products or softwares that gives promises. And if you are desperately to make money fast, I am so sorry to tell you that there is no such thing to make you rich quickly. I’ve been there, spent thousands of dollars in different softwares or products and wasted my time trying product after product, but not seeing any sign of success.

To be honest with you, making money from them was a lot tougher. Some days of sleepless nights and I even think to give up frustratingly with all my attempts to make my first dollar online were not showing at all. It was a tiring and vicious cycle of despair of trying products after products.

Am I foolish Giving Up My Fixed Monthly Income From My Job?

Everybody says you would be foolish to give up a steady monthly paycheck and a corporate job security to take a chance on something new.

With Business Online Automation, the amount how much money you want to make, will be all up to you – from your hard work, consistency, marketing strategies, how much traffic you can generate (free or paid) to your own generating income website.

To those who wants to build their online platform, branding or integrate their offline business to online campaign. Business online automation is something for you to explore.


First of all, you’ll attract more customers without using your mouth to sell or pitching your product offline, spend less time in follow ups, building trust and credibility with your customers, automating your sales funnel activities to generate more revenue, generate different business campaigns and you can simplify business complexity to reduce both the time and the cost.

Some Impressing Facts About Buying Business Online

Have you heard that you can now buy business online? Yes, while it is already impressive knowing just that, here are some more facts about buying business online that will make you nod in awe.

Buying Business Online is at its Peak: On the 1st Quarter of 2014, business brokers reported a 1, 726 closed transactions. The huge number is the fifth straight quarter which breaks the benchmark of 1,600 transactions per quarter. The business industry has begun coping last year since the recession, and according to the expert, they are seeing the trends to continually grow this year.

The Price is Good: As the volume of business-for-sale remain strong, so as the price of the businesses. Sellers are getting the most value of their businesses this year since many business buyers are willing to pay for the asking price. This is because there are a lot of financing options for them as the economic growth continuously improves. Most of the business sellers last year are baby boomers who are either seeking to retire or would like to enter a new business venture, giving way to the younger generation to be entrepreneurs. With the transition, we are seeing a new and more exciting industry in the future.

New York Has the Most Number of Closed Business Transactions: The most populous city in the US has the highest number of closed business deals. Of course, this wouldn’t come as surprise since the city is expected to have the highest demand given its high population. And as always, entrepreneurs are running to the place with the biggest market.

Retail and Restaurants are the Most Bought Businesses Online: Most would-be entrepreneurs prefer to buy both retailers and restaurants last year. Meaning the growth on both business sectors are ideal. And although there are already a lot of retail stores and restaurant in the country, you wouldn’t run out of customers for as long as you offer something that would make potential customers go to you. Why? Because customers are willing to pay. Did you know that restaurant industry sales for this year have hit $683.4 Billion? Imagine if you can get a share from this whopping amount. That would be wonderful.

That’s it. Aren’t these facts good to know? The business industry keeps growing and the numbers are making it more obvious. Now, really is the good time to jump in the bandwagon of buying business online and being your own boss. I might miss something else about the business industry that you would like to share to us. Share it in the comments section below.